Code Meaning Sample use
QRG Exact frequency He's TX on a QRG of 14205 kHz
QRI Tone (T in the RST code) Your QRI is 9
QRK Intelligibility (R in the RST code) Your QRK is 5
QRL Is this frequency busy? Used almost exclusively with Morse code, usually before transmitting on a new frequency
QRM Man-made interference There's another QSO up 2 kHz that's causing a lot of QRM
QRN Natural interference, e.g. static crashes The band is noisy today; There's a lot of QRN
QRO Increase power I need to QRO when propagation is poor.
QRP decrease power QRP 5 watts
QRQ increase speed Please send faster (opposite of QRS).
QRR temporarily unavailable/away, please wait I will be QRR 30 minutes./That station is QRR now.
QRRR Distress Distress call recommended by ARRL
QRS Send slower Please QRS, I'm new to Morse code
QRT Stop sending I've enjoyed talking to you, but I have to QRT for dinner now
QRV I am ready Will you be QRV in the upcoming contest?
QRX will call you again QRX @ 1500h
QRZ Who is calling me? QRZ? You're very weak. (Only someone who has previously called should reply)
QSA Signal strength Your QSA is 5
QSB Fading of signal There's QSB on your signal
QSD Your keying is defective You are QSD, check your transmitter
QSK Break-in I can hear you during my transmission, you may QSK
QSL I Acknowledge receipt QSL your last transmission. Please QSL via the bureau (i.e. please send me a card confirming this contact).
QSM Repeat last message QRM drowned your last message out - please QSM
QSO A conversation Thanks very much for the QSO ( Morse abbreviation: TNX QSO 73)
QSP Relay Please QSP this message to my friend
QST General call to all stations QST: Frequency allocations have changed
QSX I am listening on ... frequency I QSX 14200 to 14210 kilohertz
QSY Shift to transmit on ... Let's QSY up 5 kilohertz
QTA Disregard last message QTA, I didn't mean that
QTC Traffic Please stand by for the DX bulletin
QTH Location My QTH is South Park, Colorado
QTR Exact time QTR is 2000 Z
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